SODIUM THIOSULFATE PENTAHYDRATE used as a Pond / Aquarium Dechlorinator Supplier in India, Middle East(UAE), Singapore, Greece .

SODIUM THIOSULFATE PENTAHYDRATE Manufacturer and Supplier in India, Middle East(UAE), Singapore, Greece and also Brani Port, Cosco PSA Port, Keppel Port, Pasir Panjang Port, Tanjong Pagar Port, Sembawang Port.Our group of company RX Marine, Vizag Chemical, West India Chemical, East India Chemical, Dubichem, Ennore India Chemical Manufactured and supplies the SODIUM THIOSULFATE PENTAHYDRATE to various country all over the world. We have our ready stock available at our various branches in India, Dubai, UAE, Singapore, Greece.
SODIUM THIOSULFATE PENTAHYDRATE is a water soluble salt and reducing agent that reacts with oxidizing agents, also used as an analytical reagent in laboratories. Although its exact mechanism of action is unknown, thiosulfate likely provides an exogenous source of sulfur, thereby hastening the detoxification of cyanide through the enzyme rhodanese (thiosulfate cyanide sulfurtransferase) which converts cyanide to the relatively nontoxic, excretable thiocyanate ion. In addition, this agent neutralizes the reactive alkylating species of nitrogen mustard, thereby decreasing skin toxicity related to nitrogen mustard extravasation (NCI04). Furthermore, it is used to dechlorinate tap water, for removing free bromine from solutions and to check the pH of bleach solutions with liquid indicators.
Industry Uses
1.Bleaching agents
2.Laboratory chemicals
3.Oxidizing/reducing agents
4.Process regulators
5.Processing aids, specific to petroleum production
6.Water Treatment Products
7.Dechlorination of water for aquariums, ponds etc. by making up a solution for dechlorination
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