HOLD BRITE XF Supplier in India, Middle East (UAE), Greece, Singapore.

HOLD BRITE XF is one of popular cleaner for cleaning of ship hold and Tank. Its detergent characteristic feature is heavy duty alkaline cleaner with extra foam feature. HOLD BRITE XF is specifically formulated for the effective removal of heavy duty residues, without harming the paint and the personnel using it. The rich foaming of the product allows it to stick onto the surface, completely removing any residues. Effectively removes pet coke, coal, and other oily cargoes, as well as after greases, waxes, vegetable and animal oils, sludge, soot, carbon deposits, dirt and grime.
Tank Cleaning Chemical is wellknown for its chemical, tank cleaning product and one of the largest supplier in India and Middle East. If you have any query regarding product, please do not hesitate to drop an email at tankcleaningchemical@gmail.com . We would like to assist you immediately.