Ameroyal (Evaporator Treatment) used in Sea Water Evaporator to prevent Scaling Supplier in India, Middle East (UAE), Greece, Singapore.

The evaporator is the source of the usable water on a ship, outside of that taken aboard and carried in fresh water tanks. It's essential that the evaporator functions properly in order to ensure high purity water for the ship's use.
In the production of Distilled Water in seawater evaporators, there are many conditions which can cause the formation of scaling. In the evaporator, the seawater is heated to the required temperature and is then partially evaporated at atmospheric or low pressure; it then condenses and is collected as distillate. Since, the seawater contains large quantities of salt in solution it is understandable that the heating and evaporation will very rapidly lead to scaling of the heat transfer surfaces. The scale deposits build up and lower plant efficiency by severely impairing the transfer of heat and also lead to corrosion of equipment. This in turn considerably reduces the output. If not properly maintained and cleaned, scale deposits will form. So to prevent the Scaling in seawater evaporator the Ameroyal ( Evaporator Treatment ) is used.
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