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Excellent for removal of oil and grease.  Readily soluble in water in all proportions. It is a unique formulation blended from inorganic, organic compounds and detergents with powerful dispersing agents and aliphatic petroleum distillates.   It is non-corrosive to metal like copper, aluminium, mild steel and plastic. It is non-toxic which makes handling easy Application:  Complete removal of dirt, oil, carbonised grease, heavy oil , gum, vegetable oil, lube oil, soot,... + continue reading
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It is blend of alkaline-based detergents, surfactants formulated with a strong foaming action designed to rapidly emulsify greasy soils and oxidation…thereby leaving coils dirt-free and shining. C-SHINE is recommended for cleaning air-cooled condensers, permanent filters and other finned heating and cooling coils.   Application:  In-service cleaning:-C-SHINE Alkaline coil cleaner is  passes through the air trunking upstream of the charge aircooler, followed by a clean water... + continue reading
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ACC9 AC coil cleaner is powerful solvent emulsion cleaner, easily dissolves soiled oil and grease deposit. Also helpful to clean all types of engine parts, turbo chargers of diesel engines.   During the operation, the fins & tubes of the main engine air cooler which become fouled with oil, grease, dust and carbonaceous deposit , which will affect cooling efficiency.   Very effective TURBO CHARGER & AIR COOLER CLEANER   AIR COOLER CLEANER is a concentrated... + continue reading
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DIESEL ENGINE WATER TREATMENT  Anticorrosive coolant SUITABLE FOR ALUMINIUM, ALLOYS AND YELLOW METALS   Coolant Green RXSOL G 93-94 is an inhibitor concentrate/chemical which is added to the cooling water of internal combustion engines in cases in which the coolant does not need to be protected from freezing. It efforts excellent protection against cavitation and corrosion to all metals and alloys that are used in cooling systems.It is especially appropiate for the use in heavy-... + continue reading
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Monoethanolamine Mea supplier and stockist. MEA is A clear, water-white, hygroscopic liquid with a mild ammoniacal odor.   RXSOL brand MEA iron and chloride free grade and Purity wise doen't contains <= 1 ppm chloride, <= 0.5% pm iron. Absolutely free from impurities makes PURE MEA to absorbe more CO2. On the other hand Purity of MEA optimizing CO2 absorption properties.  MSDS and Technical Product data sheet available directly online... Using Procedure:  MEA play... + continue reading