Degreaser Odor Control .

+ Description and Overview 


·        Penetrating Pleasant Aroma Effectively Masks Any Odors That Are Present

·        Reduces Grease Buildup

·        High Solvent Action Reduces Clogging - Helps Keep Sewage Systems Clean and Free-Flowing

·        Dilutes with 4 to 100 Parts Water Depending on Severity of Odor or Grease

·       Improves Working Conditions - Eliminates public Complaints

Areas of Use: Sewage Disposal plants ·Waste Areas ·Refuse Cans and Trucks ·Manure Piles ·Solvent For the Removal of Grease, Oil, Detergents, Tar & Sludge ·Sludge Beds ·Drains and Grease Traps ·Warehouses  Under Dock Plates ·Automotive Hoists